Preparing for Your Appointment

Making an Appointment -

Please go online to make an appointment. I require a card on file for all appointments. Your card will not be charged as long as you show up to your appointment. I require all new clients to go online because the paperwork and consent forms are available online to fill out before your appointment.

Studio Rules -

No kids! I do not allow children in my studio because my liability insurance will not allow it. Please don't put me in a position where I have to ask you to reschedule and still charge for my appointment time. Thanks for understanding.

Cancellation policy - no shows, same day cancellations, and appointments 20 or more min late will be charged 50% the original service.

Finding my Studio -

I am located in the Phenix Salon Suites, suite #121, located off University and County Line Rd. Feel free to come a few minutes early to find my studio. I usually book appointments back-to-back, so if my door's closed, just take a seat and I will be right with you!

Preparing for Your Appointment -

Lash Appointments - Please come with no eye makeup. I do not have time to remove mascara at your appointment. It is your responsibility to come with clean lashes. Please avoid caffeine up to 4 hours before your appointment to prevent fluttery eyes.

Skin / Facial Appointments - Avoid retinol, retin-a, 3-4 days before any skin treatments. If you have recently gotten botox or other skin treatments, you will need to wait 1-2 weeks, depending on the service. Please take the time to fill out your skin consultation thoroughly. 


Lash Appointments - Keep your lashes dry for 48 hours. Brush your lashes every morning and whenever you get them wet. Wash your lashes with lash cleanser at least every other day, or more frequently as needed, such as after working out. Avoid oily products, steam, and lash curlers.

Skin Treatments - Protect your skin with SPF. Avoid exfoliating and harsh products (acne products, acids, etc.) for a week after your appointment. Everybody's skin is different, and you can expect different results from different treatments, so please follow the in-depth aftercare instructions given to you at your appointment.

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