Consultations & COVID-19


In Person consultations are recommended, so I can feel the texture of your skin and assess it under a bright light.


At Risk or long-distance individuals are encouraged to take advantage of my Virtual Consultation option. I will host a Zoom meeting and send you a link where you can join. It's super easy!

During your consultation, we will address and prioritize your skin concerns and goals.


We will go over related history including: areas of concern, sun exposure, treatment history, home care, health history, medications and diet.


While talking about your home care, it's helpful to know the ingredients that are in the products you are using. I recommend taking a picture of your home care products or having them on hand.

Your treatment plan will include information to help you address your concerns and reach your goals.


I am fully vaccinated. It is your choice whether to wear a mask or not. I will continue to wear a mask for all services.


I am allowing extra time for a deep clean between each guest, disinfecting with an EPA approved hospital-grade disinfectant.

Same day COVID related cancellations will still be charged a cancellation fee of 50% service value. With proof of same day COVID test, you may use that credit towards your service (rescheduled 2 weeks out)


Virtual consultations available!