Hair Rejuvenation

A consultation is required before any Hair Rejuvenation treatments.

Consultations are complimentary.

Hair Rejuvenation

Microneedling the scalp with AnteAge Stem Cell Hair Growth Factors and Cytokines facilitates communication with stem cells, instruction stem cells to rebuild damaged hair follicle structures.

During Hair Rejuvenation treatments, the treated area is numbed for comfort. 


 Hair Rejuvenation requires commitment - a series of treatments is needed to achieve desired results and at-home aftercare is required to maintain results. Hair Rejuvenation is structured as a complete package for the most efficacy and efficiency.

5 Hair Rejuvenation Treatments

(most beneficial 4 weeks apart)


AnteAge Home Hair System

(First included in package, additional Home Hair Kits may be purchased at Mile High Glamour, expect to continue at home aftercare to maintain the results we accomplish)

Please schedule a complimentary consultation!

Hair Rejuvenation Treatments should be supplemented and maintained with AnteAge's Home Hair System

The system contains two products, which work together to help awaken the sleeping stems inside the hair follicle, and return them to a more youthful and active growth pattern.

The application of AnteAge Hair SCS is paired with an at-home dermal stamp to enhance product penetration and follicle stimulation. 

AnteAge Hair Polybotanical utilizes plant-derived biosignals shown to promote hair growth, combined into a powerful extract for topical application.

Left: Before Hair Rejuvenation

Right: After Treatment 2/5

Left: Before Hair Rejuvenation

Right: After Treatment 2/5

Hair Rejuvenation using AnteAge (16 weeks)

Hair Rejuvenation using AnteAge

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