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LED Therapy

Celluma LED Treatment included in all facials

Blue Light Therapy

Improves active and inflamed acne, by killing bacteria, reducing inflammation, and facilitating wound healing

Red Light Therapy

Improves skin health, tone, and texture. Stimulates cell regeneration and growth, stabilizing pigment regulating cells. Pairs well with microneedling and chemical peels

Infared Light Therapy

Improves pain and inflammation, targeting chronic pain, muscle tightness, stiff joints, and sports injuries. Can be used on any area of the body


Blue & Red Light Therapy

Includes Mini Facial

Single Treatment (45 min) - $80

3 Treatments - $210

6 Treatments - $390

Infrared Light Therapy

Standalone treatment to supplement pain management 

Single Treatment (30 min) - $60

3 Treatments - $150

6 Treatments - $270

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