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How to Get the Most Out of Your Facial

Come Hydrated

Appropriate hydration levels will allow the ingredients to work at their fullest potential. Certain ingredients, including enzymes, require water to function. Adequate hydration will also make extractions easier, softening the skin and debris in pores. Staying hydrated will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and dehydration lines.

Avoid Makeup

Please come to your facial with a clean face, free of makeup. Makeup removal takes relaxation time away from your facial. Since cosmetics are so loosely regulated in the United States, many products are barrier disrupting (stripping the skin’s natural pH), dehydrating, comedogenic, and acne-triggering (even when labeled as non-comedogenic). After your facial, I recommend leaving your skin alone until the next day. Leaving the beneficial products on your skin overnight will increase the value and results of your facial.

Home Care

Your monthly facial is like meeting monthly with a personal trainer. To get desired results, you have to put in the work at home. Following ingredient-based recommendations from your skincare professional will have the biggest impact on your long-term results. Your home care will have a bigger impact than treatments alone. The most important step in your skincare routine is getting in the habit of wearing SPF daily. We cannot make progress on any skin concern without daily sun protection.

Realistic Expectations

Many skin concerns stem from internal issues and daily habits. Like fitness, skincare sometimes requires dietary and lifestyle changes. Hydration levels and sugar intake affect everyone – whether your skin concern is acne or aging skin. High sugar levels cause glycation – the hardening of collagen fibers, which accelerates aging. Dairy, sugar, and gluten are all common food sensitivities, prone to causing inflammation and acne. Skin transformations require commitment on both ends – commitment from the esthetician to educate, create a treatment plan, and to support the client along the way, and commitment from the client to follow their esthetician’s recommendations and treatment plan.


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