What are lash lifts?

It’s 2020. Makeup trends are moving towards “Less is More.” The bold, boxy eyebrows are out. Ombre brows are in. Lashes are more important than ever. Lash extensions have become increasingly more popular. Lash extensions create a finished look without mascara or eye makeup. However, some people are intimidated by the maintenance of having to go in every 3 weeks to get their lashes filled.

The first step is to apply the natural lashes to the rod

Well what exactly are lash lifts and what kind of look can you achieve with them?

A lash lift is a treatment that is applied to your natural lashes. The treatment includes a consultation and 3 steps. There are different types and sizes of curls available. Your esthetician will ask you a few questions about your natural lashes and what kind of look you are going for. Your esthetician will select a curling rod appropriate for your lashes. The first step is to apply the natural lashes to the rod. Your lashes will be gently stuck and combed into place. The second step is to apply the “perming” solution, let it sit for a few minutes, and then remove. This step opens up the cuticle of the hair. The third step is to apply the “activator” and also let it process for a few minutes before removing. This step is the part that actually curls your lashes. If you have naturally blonde or red hair, I recommend adding a tint on at the end. The lash tint will dye your lashes black, eliminating the need for mascara. The tinting process is one step and only takes a few minutes.

“ Lash Lifting requires an understanding of chemistry and attention to detail.”

What can I expect after my lash lift?

Your lashes will be curled, opening up your eyes, making your eyes look brighter. A lash lift will make you appear more awake, younger, and polished. It takes 20 minutes for your lashes to fully dry. Your lashes will be curliest when they are completely dry. I recommend completely avoiding mascara and eye makeup for 24 hours. You may wash your face like normal. Lash lifts last around 8 weeks. Your natural lashes have a shed cycle and, on average, replace themselves about every 2 months. I recommend and require my clients to wait at least 6 weeks between lifts. This is to preserve the integrity of your natural lashes. A lash lift is a lot like a perm – you do not want to risk frying your lashes by lifting more frequently. It is important to go to an experienced technician to ensure proper processing time. As long as you are waiting between lash lifts and going to a quality technician, the heath of your natural lashes will be preserved.

Where I can I get a lash lift done?

In the state of Colorado, lash lifting must be done by a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. In addition to an esthetician or cosmetology license, your technician needs to have their lash lift certification. Please be aware, that there are many shady people out there that practice these types of services without the proper training or credentials. Make sure your technician is experienced and you are going somewhere reputable.

I have my own lash and skincare studio, Mile High Glamour, in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I took my lash lift course through the International Academy of Elite Esthetics and Micropigmentation (north Denver area.) I highly recommend Karen, the instructor over there, to any prospective esthetics or cosmetology students. The course was very hands on and is Colorado state approved. Lash Lifting requires an understanding of chemistry and attention to detail. It isn’t something you can teach yourself or learn from your employer. If you are not located in the Mile High City, I recommend finding a spa that emphasizes their employees’ certifications and credentials. I would highly suggest staying away from nail salons, because from my experience, usually those types of places are not good.

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Shelby Gilson