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My VI Peel Experience

I recently started offering the VI Peel, currently one of the hottest peels being offered by med spas, cosmetic surgeons, and dermatology clinics. So what is the VI Peel and is it worth the hype? The VI Peel is popular because its a pioneer of its kind, claims to be the world's first inclusive medical grade peel. Formulated to be safe for all skin tones, the VI Peel contains pigment regulating ingredients - Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, and Hydroquinone. Safety and efficacy were important values to me when I was choosing a chemical peel to bring into my practice - I wanted a peel that would be safe for everybody and produce results.

It was also important to me to be able to explain the peeling process and aftercare from a firsthand perspective, so I did a VI Peel on myself as part of my training and exploration of VI as a brand. My First VI Peel Experience was over a year ago, so I wanted to refresh myself and document my experience in more detail. My main concern was preventative anti-aging, so I chose the Original VI Peel.

Day 1 - Peel Day!

Day 1 PM

The VI Peel was a quick and positive experience for me. Upon initial application of the VI Peel, I felt a slight sting, followed by a tingling sensation. The VI Peel is formulated with a numbing agent (Phenol) to provide a painless experience. Even though I experienced mild sensitivity for the first couple minutes, I was comfortable the whole time. After the second pass, or layer, of the VI Peel, my skin had become desensitized and the tingling sensation went away.

My skin was visibly sensitive afterwards - I experienced intense erythema (pinkness / redness) for 24 hours. The skin around my mouth and chin was particularly reactive and had a slight "scab-like" texture (rough and dry). I made sure I had no plans after my peel so I could go home, relax, and baby my skin for the rest of the day.

Day 2 - Dry & Sensitive

Day 2 AM

I woke up feeling extremely tight and dry, immediately applying moisturizer for relief. I felt the need to reapply moisturizer around lunch time to help with dryness. I noticed a little bit of "scabbing" and felt like I looked like I had a bad sunburn. I went about my regular routine Day 2 - I went to work and wore a mask to cover the lower half of my face, so my skin wasn't too noticeable, but let's be honest - I was telling everyone I talked to about my peel!

I used the products that came with the VI Peel (VI Cleanser, Towelettes, SPF) plus AnteAGE BioGel as an occlusive barrier / moisturizer. Starting Day 3, I used AnteAGE MD Stem Cell Brightening Solution morning and night to boost skin healing and the results of my peel

Day 3 - Intense Peeling!

Day 3 AM

I woke up peeling dramatically, feeling a little cracked and uncomfortable. As soon as I applied moisturizer, I felt instant relief. Even though I was noticeably peeling, I went about my regular routine, besides purposely avoiding sun exposure. I actually forgot I had committed to a birthday party, so I went to a social function with my face looking all crazy!

Day 3 Early PM

The peeling started around my mouth and chin, and migrated outwards throughout the day. By afternoon, I was experiencing peeling across my whole face, coming off in flakes of dry skin.

By evening, my skin was dramatically sheet-peeling, falling off in large, sheet-like flakes. With my poor planning and terrible timing, I experienced the majority of my peeling at the birthday party 🤪

Day 3 Late PM

Day 4-5 - Residual Peeling

Day 4 AM

Day 4 was the first day I felt "normal" since receiving the VI Peel. I was still experiencing some residual peeling - some minor peeling of the neck around the hairline and mouth.

I noticed some congestion around my chin being lifted to the surface - a process known as "purging." Prior to the peel, I had noticed hard pockets of congestion deep within my skin, invisible to the surface. The purging process lifted some of the congestion to the surface, dissolving the rest without surface level purging. I experienced Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (redness in response to inflammation of the skin) at the sites of congestion for about a week, the lingering redness healing and fading quickly. Day 5 was similar to Day 4.

Day 5 PM

Day 6 - GLOW

By Day 6, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin texture. I felt like my skin looked like a glass ornament! My skin was smooth and felt like baby skin! At this point, I was done peeling and feeling good about my overall skin health and texture.

Day 7-14 - Happy and Healthy

The week following the peel, I was slightly more prone to sensitivity and dryness, compensating by using products focusing on hydration and supporting my skin barrier (AnteAGE BioGel). I noticed a daily improvement to my skin tone throughout the week, and within a week, the PIH had faded and the congestion deep within my skin was gone.

The most noticeable improvement was my skin texture and smoothness of my skin! I noticed a visible reduction in fine forehead lines and loss of volume along my nasolabial folds. Even though those concerns weren't super noticeable, I routinely treat those areas for preventative maintenance. I've found the VI Peel to be a safe and effective preventative treatment for me, and to maintain my results, I alternate it with Microneedling every 4-6 months.

Day 14

Would you like to learn more about the VI Peel and see if it's the right treatment for you? Consultations are always complimentary

VI Peels at Mile High Glamour include AnteAGE MD Stem Cell Therapy, and two LED Treatments Pre/Post Peel



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