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My VI Peel Experience and Results

The VI Peel is the leading peel for corrective skincare – specifically known for their hyperpigmentation and melasma peels. The VI Peel is a medical grade peel, stronger and deeper than esthetician strength peels. I recently started carrying all of the VI Peels and decided to give one a whirl myself to experience the process.

I chose the Original VI Peel, which is the gentlest one, meant for rejuvenation for young skin. I’m in my twenties, with no active acne – my main concern was slight discoloration across my cheeks from previous breakouts. I had previously treated my problem areas with a series of salicylic peels, which cleared my skin and significantly lightened my scarring. All that remained was small spots of stubborn, deep discoloration.

Applying the peel was a pleasant experience. The VI Peel contains Phenol, a numbing agent, which makes the peel painless. The only negative thing I can say about getting the peel is that the solution leaves a discolored tint on your skin – a yellow-orange – and you are supposed to let the peel remain on your skin for 4 hours. So, plan your peel at a time where you can go home and relax afterwards.

My favorite aspect of the VI Peel is that it includes a home care kit and aftercare instructions. The instructions are very comprehensive and easy to understand and follow. The home care kit contains everything you will need – towelettes of active ingredients to accelerate the peel, anti-itch post peel facial cream, SPF 50, and a guide that breaks down instructions for you day by day.

Day 1 – Relatively uneventful, I got the peel in the afternoon, which left a sticky residue and had to be left on for 4 hours, and washed my face at bedtime.

Day 2 – I woke up with super gross skin. Pores on nose look super dark and oily. Discoloration across cheeks is emphasized.

Day 3 – First signs of peeling around mouth, skin is red and dry, skin is sensitive when applying products. I had to be very gentle in the shower and consciously remember to pat and not rub my skin. Discoloration and redness are emphasized.

Day 4 – Peeling around mouth and chin, skin is dry and sensitive. I recommend using Aquaphor and/or post peel cream every 4 hours before skin gets tight and itchy. Caution still must be taken when cleansing and applying products.

Day 5 – Peeling across cheeks. Discoloration has significantly improved. Caution still must be taken when cleansing and applying products.

Day 6 – Peeling across cheeks and hairline. Skin is no longer sensitive.

Day 7 – Remaining peeling around hairline. Skin feels smoother than it ever has been! Discoloration across cheeks has drastically improved, barely remaining. Biggest difference is the noticeable improvement of skin texture. Nasolabial lines seem to be softened.

I felt like the dramatic results were worth the week of looking crazy. My skin texture has never been so smooth. It feels like baby skin! I also noticed an improvement of my skin tone – a greater difference than I’ve seen with esthetician grade peels. The Original VI Peel is a great peel for those with young skin and minimal skin concerns, looking for rejuvenation. Other VI Peels treat different concerns including – acne, acne with scarring, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and rejuvenation for 30’s+.

I would recommend the VI Peel especially those with deep dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and melasma. The most popular VI Peel is the Precision Plus, which corrects those issues. Melasma is a stubborn skin condition and I have seen great results keeping melasma at bay with a yearly VI Peel. Just like other chemical peels, a series of peels is recommended for dramatic corrective results.



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