Purifying Clay CleanserBalancing MoisturizerBeta Clarifying Solution, B3 Clarifying Complex


Purifying Clay Cleanser treats oily / acneic skin by absorbing oil from pores. Balancing Moisturizer and B3 Clarifying Complex contain Vitamin B3, which reduces redness from breakouts and acne scarring. Beta Clarifying Solution can be used to treat active breakouts.


Cleanser and Moisturizer are gentle enough to use 2 x daily.

B3 Complex may be used 1 x daily.

Beta Clarifying Solution may be used every other day on affected areas.

Decongestion+ Bundle

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  • Volcanic green clay
    a detoxifying, natural clay that absorbs oil, remineralizes and calms skin

    an astringent essential oil that purifies, clarifies and relieves redness

    Botanical mattifying compound
    a blend of plant extracts that helps decongest pores, counteracts oil production and corrects skin imperfections

    a B vitamin that communicates with cells to help reduce discoloration from prior breakouts, smooth texture and relieve redness

    Chinese peony
    a stem cell extract that mattifies, balances oil production and reinforces the skin barrier

    Amino acid complex
    a proprietary blend of amino acids that provides weightless hydration, enhances the delivery of active ingredients and supports collagen depleted skin

    helps stabilize oil production, evens skin tone and promotes skin renewal

    helps promote rapid exfoliation of pore clogging, dead skin cell buildup

    Salicylic acid
    stimulates skin renewal and helps unclog pores

    Clove essential oil
    calms irritation and relieves symptoms of problem skin