Enzymatic Foaming Cleanser and Papaya Pineapple Mask


Deep clean your pores and smooth skin with Exfoliating Enzymes. Enzymes break down oil, dead skin, and dirt trapped in pores. Gentle chemical exfoliation improves skin texture.


Enzymatic Foaming Cleanser is gentle enough to use 2 x daily.

Papaya Pineapple mask may be used once a week.

Enzyme Exfoliation Bundle

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  • Blended fruit enzyme complex
    a mineral rich plant extract that reduces skin reactivity, reinforces the moisture barrier and stimulates natural moisture factor production

    plant derived humectants that balance skin hydration and relieve irritation to make acids more tolerable

    Fruit acid concentrate
    a fusion of natural fruit acids that exfoliates, refines texture and alleviates congestion

    a natural enzyme derived from papaya that loosens and sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal brighter skin

    an enzyme derived from pineapple that exfoliates spent skin cells and helps revive collagen depleted skin